New York City – A city with so many layers

After my very first 5 day ‘whirlwind’ trip to NYC in 2013, I decided I needed to go back and dig little deeper. This is an amazing city with so many layers. It’s a city where the whole world lives and for this reason you have so many different cultures, languages, food and experiences. You [...]

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The 5 Tick Family Friendly Holiday on Hamilton Island

I think anyone with children will agree that travelling with them can be quite the challenge and not like the holidays we used to know and love pre-children! This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a wonderful and relaxing holiday, you just need to choose the right destination that can accommodate all the things you [...]

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In Pursuit of Pandas, China

Travelling to China, for me was a lifelong dream. From the moment I arrived in Shanghai I was not disappointed. Driving through Shanghai I had my mouth wide open as I looked in amazement at the array of sparkly lights. For a moment I thought I had touched down in Las Vegas instead of China!! [...]

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Royal Caribbean’s “Spice of Asia”

We were apprehensive about cruising…!!! Sea sickness was a worry. So we decided to do a short cruise – just 5 days. And in relatively “calm” waters. We chose Royal Caribbean’s “Spice Of Asia” cruise. The five day cruise, departed and returned to Singapore and visited Kuala Lumpur and Penang in Malaysia and then onto [...]

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